September 3, 2019 – It’s the unofficial end of summer in the northern hemisphere! However, just like everything else, your health and fitness doesn’t stop with the seasons. In this first for Level One Training and Fitness, here are some fitness advice and tips for you as we move into the autumn. And with this “first edition,” we also welcome your (constructive) input, suggestions, and comments. Happy September!

This month:

  • the ketogenic diet
  • mitigating stress
  • finding your perfect fitness facility

Fitness Advice and Tip #1

The “keto diet” is arguably one of the most popular, talked about diets in the United States today. However, lost in the back and forth is the fact that the diet was originally developed to combat epilepsy. It’s high fat/protein and low carb characteristics have made it a hot topic of conversation in the health and fitness worlds when it comes to weight loss.

“…the enthusiasm for the diet as a treatment for obesity and diabetes “outpaces” the evidence.” This statement alone should be enough cause for pause.

While not advocates of keto (unless due to medical necessity), my colleagues and I will still provide our best fitness tips and advice with respect to whether you should or should not go on the keto diet. We are here to encourage everyone to do their due diligence. Find out the facts on keto from a variety of reputable sources and professionals (not just your coworkers, friends, family, or the Google). Ask yourself questions that go a bit deeper than the short-term gains you may be seeking.  Is it something you can/you should/you’re willing/you’re able to sustain for the longer term? If so, what are the long term effects? Are you looking for a shortcut to undo years of improper eating? Have you consulted with your doctor or a Registered Dietitian? Remember, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it will also work (or be necessarily good) for you.

Fitness Advice and Tip #2

Stress comes in both positive and negative forms. Question: when it comes to personal stress, what do you suppose will actually help mitigate it the most? Answer: appropriate sleep on a nightly basis! Dr. John Rusin provides a breakdown of what’s involved with your body’s stress response as well as a handy list of suggestions to help you reduce the amount of stress we all too often inflict upon ourselves on a regular basis.

Fitness Advice and Tip #3

In San Diego (and especially in North Park where I reside), there is currently no shortage of fitness facilities. Boxing, kickboxing, functional fitness training, Olympic weight classes, even pole dancing fitness classes – there’s literally something for everyone. So how do you choose? First and foremost, figure out what your goals are. We provide a consultation and fitness assessment which can help you with this. Once you have any idea of what you want/need to do, use the fitness facility guide located on our resources page to help narrow down your search (of course, we’d be ecstatic if you continued working with us!)

In conclusion…

As always, we stand ready to assist so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question; continue to educate yourself on fitness. Lastly, I’m very curious if you’ve tried keto and how it’s worked out for you or if you’ve got a guaranteed stress reliever. Please let us know in the comments below.

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