Annnnnd… is it me or does it seem like things are even crazier now than they were 3 months ago? I was convinced that COVID-19 represented a key moment and a prime opportunity for everyone to start paying better attention to their personal physical health. Here it is, 3 months later and now it’s MUCH more than just physical health!

Today, it’s ABUNDANTLY clear that you need to be in good shape not only to handle a virus, but to also handle tremendous mental and emotional pressures; look at our present social climate. “Health” and “fitness” go far beyond the physical state of your body. Be sure to listen to what yours is telling you and as always, educate yourself.

In other GOOD news…

  • In San Diego:
    • Emergency Room visits (slide #20 after you click) for COVID or flu continue to fall!
    • we’re about to start Phase 3 of California’s reopening plan!
    • we’re in the middle of a 90+ degree heat wave, UGH!
  • At Level One Training and Fitness:
    • classes and personal training resume next week!
    • our branded virtual training mobile app is ready!
    • we’ve got some videos up on our YouTube channel!

Of course, much more has transpired in our lives as humans, but that discourse is on a different website with a different author. In fact, quite a bit has happened in MY own life in just the last 4 weeks, but I digress…

What I CAN tell you is that I’m SOOO very excited to be opening back up for business next week! The State of California has given gyms and fitness facilities the green light as of June 12, but I’ll just leave it to Monday, June 15. In the meantime, my phone is ringing more, more text messages are coming in, and people are signing up for class! Now if I could just find some hand sanitizer…

Afterburn Classes and Personal Training Resume

Finally. It’s been a long 3 months where you’ve read about me doing things like putting together puzzles, getting rid of stuff, and working out by myself. Next week, classes resume and things will be a little different, but not too different. We’ll still cap each class at 4 students and we’ll still be minimal in nature. We’ll still have the technology and we’ll still have the good music. Best of all, you’ll still see my smiling happy face for an hour at a time, 2-3 times weekly. 🙂

And we’re giving away free stuff to the first 10 enrollees to welcome them back! They’ll get a heart rate monitor, water bottle, workout towel, plus a little surprise! If you move quick enough, you might even get a month’s worth of personal training for free! So if you’re local here in San Diego and you haven’t done so already, head on over to: and get yourself scheduled!

Our office is also ready and so is the training studio. In fact, we’ve got a new piece of diagnostic equipment (okay, fine – a new toy ) to help gauge a client’s strength! What won’t be new will be the attention and focus we provide to each and every client that comes thru the door. Also not new will be our continuing devotion to help each and every client understand the fundamentals when it comes to exercise, nutrition, and their overall health 🙂

Virtual Training Branded Mobile App

Finally. It’s ready to go and looks pretty slick, if I do say so myself! 🙂 So when will I start offering virtual training? Right now, I want to be sure I take good care of the new and returning Afterburn students as well as my new and returning private personal training clients. Within the next month (coinciding with our 9th anniversary), I should have a better handle on my scheduling requirements. I’ll keep you posted, don’t worry, but you can find it here:

YouTube Channel

Finally. We’ve got the cobwebs off the channel, recorded a lot of videos, and did some production work to a few of them and then uploaded them! Feel free to take a look, but please be gentle! 😂 As we settle more into a groove, expect to see more exercise demonstrations. We’ll do a lot of demos when it comes to bodyweight and TRX suspension trainer exercises. Not only that, but we’ll have some commentary, roundtables, and seminars/webinars, too. If you want to see something, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to make it happen! You can find our YouTube channel here:

Almost Halfway thru the Year!

That’s going to wrap it up for this month’s update… next time we post, it’ll be the downhill stretch on the backside of the year towards the holidays **GULP!** What a year it has been though! If anything can demonstrate the importance of maintaining your health at it’s absolute, possible best, it’s the world’s current events! If you come to us for help, we’ll do what we can to make sure that you get nothing less than OUR best.

Please continue to take care, stay healthy, stay safe, be well, and be a good human!