Healthy Eating Patterns

As a part of an active lifestyle, it’s important to consider incorporating a healthy eating pattern. Adequate physical activity, proper nutrition, and mind-body awareness is the combination to a balanced wellness regimen. Learn more about how you can incorporate a healthy eating pattern into your lifestyle.

Optimal Protein Intake

Resistance training is an important part of a complete exercise regimen. Consuming the appropriate amount and type of protein to maintain and build muscle is just as important. Learn more in this downloadable brochure.

Are You Ready for Change?

The "Readiness For Change" worksheet is meant to gauge your thought processes and your internal resolve with respect to making the necessary lifestyle changes to improve your fitness and/or health. Learn more about yourself with worksheet.

The 7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute Workout is a HIIT-style workout designed to maximize effort in less time. Learn more in this downloadable infographic.