We’re more than just “one more rep.”

Our goal is to educate our clients and students on the fundamentals of fitness. We’ll help them build a solid foundation of exercise and nutrition based on current science and research together with our knowledge, our education, and our combined experience. No hype. No fads. No gimmicks. 

Most importantly, it’ll never be about us – it’ll always be about you – how you look, how you feel, how fit you are, and how healthy you are.

We are educating the world on fitness.


Our fitness assessment provides you with a report which includes our Level One Fitness Index to help you understand your present level of fitness.

personal training

Feel your core stability improve, your strength increase, and your physique dazzle thru weight-training, TRX suspension training, or both!

interval training

Take your workout to the next level by making use of popular technology we’ve incorporated into our classes. Grab your spot today!

virtual training

The virtual training program puts the expertise of a certified fitness professional conveniently into the hands of your mobile device.


Freddy has been a great resource and coach from the beginning, prioritizing our fitness and cheering us on even when we didn’t prioritize it ourselves. Even when we’re not training, he makes himself easily accessible whether it is answering a quick text to ask about nutrition or sending us an email with follow up information about that new stretching method. This is the first personal training we’ve done together as a couple and it has been a great experience. If you are looking to get in shape and enjoy a higher quality of life in the San Diego area, we highly recommend personal training with Freddy.

lorine cheung & david auwen

I came to Freddy to get back into shape for Law Enforcement testing. I didn’t have a long period of time to train and had to pack a lot of training in a short period of time. Freddy did a lot of research on the tests and tailored every workout to target specific muscles for specific areas of the test. Freddy was very knowledgeable about any areas I needed help with and was also able to help me make better dietary choices. I always felt like I was the first priority during workouts and he always went beyond the call of duty to ensure I was getting the desired results.

chad sample

My goal was to lose weight and improve my overall level of fitness. I thought HE could do it for me and all I had to do was continue training. While he has a firm training style, he is never harsh. He encourages your achievements and helps you SEE when you fall off the path, which we all do occasionally. Most importantly, his training style is whole body integrating correct sleeping habits with healthy and informed nutritional habits in addition to safe and effective resistance training free of typical gym machines. He gets my praise, especially for his patience. Thanks Freddy!!!!

jonathan luck