Cardio… you know you need it, but how much?

Let’s explore cardio… … in this first of our 4 part series on the American College of Sports Medicine’s Basic Recommendations on the Quality and Quantity of Exercises for Adults. In 2011, the ACSM concluded that the minimum recommended amount of cardio for adults is 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity weekly. But is that […]

The Get Fit 30-Day Challenge

As you know, Level One Training and Fitness is a member of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber in association with Kaiser Permanente is hosting the Get Fit 30-Day Challenge as a way to help individuals get a jump start on their health and fitness resolutions in 2017. The challenge starts on […]

The Complete 12 Days of Fitness

12 F: PLANKS AND SIDE PLANKS are some of the easiest, yet most effective exercises at developing your core strength. They require very little time and no equipment and yet can do wonders at helping to improve your posture and overall performance in many, if not all, activities you participate in. FIRST, be sure you […]

Ready to create your own workouts?

#250tuesday You’re right, it’s definitely Wednesday and with the holiday last week, my time management skills went out the window. Fortunately, it was all in the name of forward progress! Those who have heard my spiel on gym memberships know that I’m most definitely not anti-gym. I am however, pro-education and pro-independence to choose what’s best for your circumstances. FACT: […]

Ready to get away from the gym?

#350thursday (on a Friday, sorry!) Its been one heck of a week… starting with my vehicle being stolen on early Sunday morning, being returned to me relatively intact roughly 24 hours later, and culminating in quite a busy end to the week with meetings left and right. During times like this, how are you expected to […]

The Tale of the Shaker Bottle

#250tuesday (+ 100) 🙂 Once upon a time, there was a beginner weightlifter who worked at a Fortune 100 company. One day he was introduced to protein powder supplements. He looked so cool walking around the office, toting his shake-filled bottle! But on one particular afternoon, our beginner weightlifter decided that the protein powder named Mocha […]

Afterburn class or the other?

#350thursday Lately, I’ve been getting questions with respect to a certain citrus fruit and the theory revolving around it and how it compares to our Afterburn HIIT bootcamp. Are you ready for the lowdown? What exactly are the similarities and differences between the two? They started in 2010. “Turn and Burn” began in 2011 and […]