Virtual Training

COVID has changed the playing field quite drastically and quite dramatically over the last 4 months. Many states continue to face an uncertain future due to recurring closures and civil unrest. Our hope is that our virtual training offering will provide an outlet for stress while simultaneously improving personal health.

We appreciate your continued loyalty, support, and valuable feedback as we strive to improve our services.

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The Founder's Group of Five

It's an impressive sounding name, but they're going to be an impressive first bunch of virtual clients! These individuals are going to receive our very best at a very generous rate. The catch? These 5 will be eating and exercising to:

  • lose weight,
  • burn fat, and/or
  • build muscle.

And they'll do this WHILE providing us with feedback and input to help us:

  • iron out the kinks,
  • smooth out the wrinkles, and
  • otherwise help us polish up the system we've created.

Their candid feedback will be instrumental to both the program's success and the success of our future clients! Upon completion of the 90 day program, they'll go LEVEL ONE ALUMNI STATUS and as a token of appreciation, they'll receive:

  • one full year's use of our mobile app,
  • continued text / call / email support, and
  • custom training plans every 90 days!

So? Are you ready to:

  • turbocharge your fitness?
  • level up in the personal accountability department?
  • lose at LEAST 10 pounds the BETTER way over 90 days?*
  • learn about the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition?
  • do your own thing with a little help from us after 90 days?

Then let's get started! Like so many other things this year, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; we'd be honored to have you join us!

The Founder's Group of Five

Founders' Rate $129.00 / month

(Standard Rate $390.00 / month)
  • 90 day minimum commitment
  • Virtual/live goal setting and consultation meeting (60 mins)
  • Virtual/live follow-up and progress meeting every 30 days (30 mins)
  • Virtual/live nutritional (kitchen/pantry/refrigerator) review (LAUNCH) (30 mins)
  • Three 30-minute virtual/live training sessions weekly (LAUNCH)
  • Level One Training and Fitness Mobile App (LAUNCH)
  • 12 week Fitness and Nutrition Fundamentals Course (LAUNCH)
  • Weekly Fundamentals Course Homework Assignments (LAUNCH)
  • Exercise and Nutrition Coaching App (LAUNCH)
  • Text / Call Office Hours
  • Email Support
  • And more!
  • "ALUMNI STATUS" Upon Completion of Program
  • "ALUMNI STATUS" - 1 Full Year of Mobile App Usage
  • "ALUMNI STATUS" - Customized Workout Routines Every 90 Days
  • ("LAUNCH" items are the areas we'll be actively seeking feedback on)

NOTE: Due to professional liability restrictions, virtual training is unavailable in the states of Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico and Virginia.