We never thought we’d have to worry about weather forecasting! Regardless, it seems that, at least for the current winter season, we’ll have to keep an eye to the sky since our interval training classes are held outdoors.

In 5 years of conducting HIIT classes at Balboa Park, we’ve never had very wet winters. In addition, this is only the second year we’ve held our Afterburn class thru the winter months.

And not only that, but it’s the FIRST year we’re working to expand classes to include 8:00am and noon offerings so as to better accommodate remote workers, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents, and those with alternative work schedules.

But with Southern California seemingly in the throes of what looks to be a wet winter, the question comes up: What happens to the Afterburn HIIT class during bad weather and more specifically, when it rains (and rains and rains and rains…)

Under normal circumstances, we would scale the class back depending on the weather to ensure student safety or we would just push class to the next day. Back-to-back days of rain just aren’t the norm here in SoCal (until now!) so we’ve had to get creative.

With the completion of our TRX/weight-training studio this past fall, we’re prepared to offer 30-minute personal training sessions for each student for each day we have to cancel our Afterburn class on the count of rain. And since it may end up being a very wet winter, these 30-minute sessions can be combined into 60 minute sessions. (Scheduling sessions will be based on availability.)

When you consider the cost of class versus the cost of training, the value of the trade should be pretty clear. Bear in mind that even though the studio is outfitted with Olympic weights, dumbbells, and a TRX suspension trainer, we also have several other pieces of equipment which can help you with your goals in strength, balance/agility, and/or flexibility.

So even if we have to bow to Mother Nature’s wishes and cancel our HIIT class, we still have to hold to our conviction – some exercise is better than no exercise! It’s a win-win… we get to push forward with our mission of educating the world on fitness and you get the benefit of some personal training along the way!

Now who else can offer you those kind of perks? We’ll see you in the park (or in the studio!)

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