2020 Resolutions 90 Day Personal Training Program

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"He has kept me focused, motivated and accountable. He truly cares about you as a person." ~Melanie G.
"Freddy really knows his stuff, no hype or BS just solid training and coaching." ~Bill B.
"Freddy not only motivates you to do your very best, but his personality shows his loyalty and dedication to helping you succeed." ~Ashley D.
"These days trainers really are a dime a dozen, good trainers are hard to find. Freddy is one of the good ones." ~Joshua G.
"I feel that Freddy cares about his clients. He has always treated me with respect and dignity." ~Sherrill F.


We've been helping our training clients and HIIT class students get in shape, lose weight, change their lifestyle, and improve their health since 2011. This is the once a year event where we slash our training rates by over 60%* to help you get going where you need to go in terms of your health and fitness! We're able to do this because we have ZERO overhead - we have no commercial space, no expensive equipment, and no corporate or licensing fees.

We DO have a conveniently located training studio in North Park complete with an Olympic weight setup, dumbbells, TRX suspension trainer, resistance bands, and MUCH more. We help our clients feel more comfortable and feel more confident working out in a private gym-like setting without the gym!

And this year, Level One Training and Fitness is one of a handful of  trainers who have exclusive access to and use of a brand new training app aimed at helping our clients develop good nutrition and exercise habits.

We're looking forward to having you join our community in the new decade!

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2020 Resolutions 90 Day Personal Training Program

  • > 3 Month Program
  • > Two 60-minute sessions weekly
  • > Beginning and ending fitness assessments
  • - Core and abdominal work
  • - Beginning resistance (dumbbells, Olympic, bands, TRX)
  • - Beginning neuromotor/agility/balance
  • - Beginning flexibility/stretching
  • > Basic exercise/movement fundamentals
  • > Basic nutrition fundamentals
  • > Nutrition and lifestyle coaching
  • > Exclusive app-based nutrition and exercise journaling
  • > Exclusive app-based workout plan
  • > Unlimited text and email support
  • > Grandfathered pricing**
  • > Complimentary admission to Afterburn HIIT Class***
  • > Special welcome gifts
  • > Much more!

* - compared to our published twice weekly training rate.

** - if you elect to return to training during the following year's Resolution training cycle, you will enjoy the same rate from the prior year.

*** - Afterburn admission is on a space-available, first-come, first-served basis.