The Get Fit 30-Day Challenge

As you know, Level One Training and Fitness is a member of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber in association with Kaiser Permanente is hosting the Get Fit 30-Day Challenge as a way to help individuals get a jump start on their health and fitness resolutions in 2017. The challenge starts on […]

Freddy, what’s up with the mimosas after class?

#250tuesday Can you imagine if I was “that trainer” who regularly provided adult beverages after workouts?! ? ? In all honesty, it was one of the students in the class and it was a great “welcome to spring,” post-Saturday-morning-workout pick-me-up! However… Since we already know several drinks of alcohol can impede your body’s ability to burn fat, […]

Afterburn class or the other?

#350thursday Lately, I’ve been getting questions with respect to a certain citrus fruit and the theory revolving around it and how it compares to our Afterburn HIIT bootcamp. Are you ready for the lowdown? What exactly are the similarities and differences between the two? They started in 2010. “Turn and Burn” began in 2011 and […]

April news

Three things you need to know about April…

SYNOPSIS Short, quick reads on Tuesdays and Thursdays More opportunities to workout during the week New opportunities to keep you moving towards your fitness goals … and it’s no joke! *NEW in April* We’ll feature short blog posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays on a range of subjects related to health and fitness. They’ll be great opportunities for us […]

Burn, baby, burn!

First things first, this post is specifically targeted towards people who are interested in potentially getting to their weight loss and/or fat loss goals a bit quicker. If you’re fired up to the point where flames are shooting out of your eyes, you’re gritting and grinding your teeth, and you’re shuffling your feet because you […]

It’s a rarity!

But tomorrow’s 9:00am Afterburn class is canceled due to heat! Only the 800am class will be on tomorrow and if you’re not signed up and we’ve got a full class, then dibs will only go to those who signed up! Here’s the link:

Super Burn I

Admit it… there’s no place else you’d rather be on Saturday morning! Remember, we’re limited to 12 students max at 8:00am and at 9:00am and the Super Burn will take place during the 9:00am class. Registration for either class begins at 8:00am today! To find out more and to register, visit: Afterburn 2015 See you […]