I approached Freddy about a month ago asking if he could help shape me up into an ice hockey player and boy has he been beyond helpful. He will tailor any work out to focus in on your personal goal.  He is morally motived to helping everyday people live healthy, fit lives.

Freddy not only motivates you to do your very best, but his personality shows his loyalty and dedication to helping you succeed. Although I am in the beginning stages of fitness, it is clear that with his guidance and support I will definitely reach my fitness goals.


Ashley Dahlstrom, La Mesa, CA

I thought I was fit until I took Freddy's Afterburn class and then I learned a whole lot more about what it means to be fit! ~PO2 Sandoval, USN Honolulu, HI

Make no mistake Freddy is the real deal. He is very knowledgeable, he has a wonderful personality, and will push you beyond your mental and physical limits. No question that Freddy knows exactly how to train you to get the most out of you. He not only can teach you exactly how to get your nutrition under control, but can motivate you to work to your highest potential. Best part about working with Freddy he keeps the element of working out fun.

Rebecca Almeraz, La Mesa, CA

Started at 227lbs few weeks later 196lbs thanks Freddy FEEL GOOD!!! ~Francis Cortez, La Mesa

Outstanding trainer. Freddy has been a great motivator and the best trainer I have ever had.


Jesse Gomez, San Diego, CA

I came to Freddy to get back into shape for Law Enforcement testing, after going a couple years of not working out. I didn't have a long period of time to train and had to pack a lot of training in a short period of time. Freddy did a lot of research on the tests and tailored every workout to target specific muscles for specific areas of the test. Freddy was very knowledgeable about any areas I needed help with and was also able to help me make better dietary choices. I always felt like I was the first priority during workouts and he always went beyond the call of duty to ensure I was getting the desired results. The only thing I can think of to make the experience better was if I had more time.


Chad Sample, El Cajon, CA

I'm sore pretty often, but I'm also learning to eat right, lift the right way, and putting on some size and muscle in the process. ~CPO Wilson, USN Japan

Freddy is an incredibly accommodating trainer who is willing to work with you to fulfill your short and long-term goals. He is a no-nonsense kind of guy who holds clients accountable and doesn't accept "I can't" as an answer (I was made to up-downs for evening hinting at it.) I've been working out with Freddy more about a year now and was able to complete my first half marathon because of the work ethic he instilled in me. Whether you are just looking to shed a few pounds or want to transform yourself, I'd highly recommend Freddy.


Brett Higdon, San Diego, CA

It's been 3 months and ALL of my pants are too big. You rock Freddy! ~Angie Hill, La Mesa

Freddy is an AMAZING trainer!!!! He has helped me so much with diet and training.He has helped me learn how strong my body can be!!! love the Saturday classes!!! Thanks for all of your help I truly appreciate it!


Sophia Garcia, Spring Valley, CA

Freddy!!! All the plank and lunges we did totally paid off (for surf camp)!!!! I'm sooo happy!!! ~Jeanne Whittle, San Diego, CA 

Freddy provided exceptional virtual training and helped me reach my fitness goals. With his guidance and workouts I lost 30 pounds and have the confidence to continue maintaining my current fitness level.


Dustin Rath, Santa Rosa, CA

My wife and I have been going to Freddie for personal training for several weeks and have really enjoyed it. He has a great outlook, is very knowledgeable and seems to genuinely want to help us reach our goals. ~Don Hill, La Mesa

Freddy knows his "stuff". His expertise in strength training, nutrition, and ensuring a safe workout; is apparent at your first encounter. He's expert at different fitness levels, keeps up in the lastest techniques oh, and always has a fun workout. Music, Laughs, and an ocassional raffle as well as an endless supply of motivation keeps me coming back. I'm no spring chicken - no age disparity with Freddy. Love his group!


Lynne Schneider, El Cajon, CA

We started training with Freddy twice a week and we can't imagine training without him. We need the structure and the expertise he provides.  ~Jeannie Labor, San Diego

When it comes to personal care, Freddy cannot be beat. I was a tough nut to crack. My goal was to loose weight and improve my overall level of fitness. I thought HE could do it for me and all I had to do was continue training. You probably know how that goes! But finally, with his unrelenting encouragement, I began to see the light. Commitment came slowly but voila, the more I committed, the more I began to achieve my goals. While he has a firm training style, he is never harsh. He encourages your achievements and helps you SEE when you fall off the path, which we all do occasionally. Most importantly, his training style is whole body integrating correct sleeping habits with healthy and informed nutritional habits in addition to safe and effective resistance training free of typical gym machines. He gets my praise, especially for his patience. Thanks Freddy!!!!


Jonathan Luck, Mt. Helix (La Mesa), CA

My boyfriend and I have been working with Freddy for almost 4 years now and our attitude toward fitness has definitely changed in a very positive way. Where it used to feel like a drag to work out, it is now something we both look forward to after a stressful day at work. Freddy has been a great resource and coach from the beginning, prioritizing our fitness and cheering us on even when we didn't prioritize it ourselves. He shapes each work out to fit our specific goals and keeps it challenging by adjusting our exercises as we get stronger to maximize the results. Freddy is very flexible with accommodating both of our crazy schedules and strives to make training sessions as convenient as possible . Even when we're not training, he makes himself easily accessible whether it is answering a quick text to ask about nutrition or sending us an email with follow up information about that new stretching method.
This is the first personal training we've done together as a couple and it has been a great experience so far. We have different fitness goals and abilities but Freddy has been able create work-outs that target those specifically so that we are both getting the results we want. If you are looking to get in shape and enjoy a higher quality of life in the San Diego area, we highly recommend personal training with Freddy.


Lorine Cheung, San Diego, CA

Freddy has been working with me, my 15 year old and my 12 year old going on 2+ years. He has been on time, always prepared, wonderful attitude, and great variety of activities for the three of us!


Joyce Turner, Carmel Valley (San Diego), CA