How can Virtual Training
Help Me?


With the advent of the smartphone came the development of apps for a multitude of uses ranging from games and travel to music and messaging. Eventually, engineers, entrepreneurs, and fitness professionals started teaming up to create fitness-focused apps and over time, the personal training app was born.

Though the world of personal training apps is in it's relative infancy, the technology continues to evolve and improve. Trainerize (the company through which Level One Training and Fitness has contracted with for our app) was founded in 2012. They continue to distinguish themselves in the fitness industry with a feature rich program available on both Android and iPhone smartphones as an app and on laptop and desktop computers as a web-based portal.

What's included with Virtual Training?

Comprehensive Fitness Consultation

A consultation helps ensure we create a plan targeted towards your goals while assessing other factors which may require consideration.

Customized Exercise Prescription

Whether you're just starting out and learning the ropes or need something more advanced which pushes your limits, it's doable!

Nutrition Accountability and Guidance

Work with a personal trainer and learn foundational nutrition knowledge! *HINT: Carbs are not bad!

Motivation and Support

Text messages, in-app messaging, and Skype capability allow you to get in direct contact with your trainer.

Virtual Training Programs

Virtual Training Screenshots

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* - Virtual Training is unavailable in the states of Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, and Virginia.