Consistent HIIT workouts at least twice weekly combined with a proper, healthy diet, will improve your athletic performance over time along with your strength, endurance, and physical appearance! We help you make that happen by focusing on the quality of instruction you receive and by motivating you to increase both the quality and quantity of effort you provide.

Are you ready to make it happen for you?

Classes are located at Bird Park (Balboa Park) in North Park/San Diego

Tuesdays, Thursdays at 5:00pm and 6:00pm

Saturdays at 8:00am (first 4 sign-ups)

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What Happens In A Typical Afterburn Class?

Every Afterburn class adheres to the following format: warm-up, core focus/development, strength training, interval workout, and cool-down/stretching.

A 5-minute Tabata warm-up gets the mind in the game, the heart pumping, and the blood flowing.
Focused work on the core and abdominals ensures they are primed for the upcoming workout.
Basic strength training helps burn some stored energy prior to interval training.
24 minutes of interval work rotating through 8 stations is at the heart of the class!
Targeted cool-down and stretching gets your body moving towards its rest and recovery.
For the uninitiated, first time Afterburner.
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Q: At what locations in San Diego do you offer Afterburn HIIT classes?

A: Classes are conveniently located at Balboa Park (City of San Diego) in Central San Diego


Q: Are Afterburn HIIT classes really difficult?

A: Most workout routines you've never done before will always seem especially difficult in the beginning. With that said, the individual exercises within an Afterburn class can be "progressed" to a more advanced level or "regressed" to a more beginner level.


Q: Do you have limits on Afterburn HIIT class enrollment?

A: In our continual pursuit of providing a quality service to our students, classes are capped at 4 students. 


Q: What types of equipment do you incorporate into the Afterburn HIIT class?

A: Afterburn classes employ the use of some or all of the following pieces of equipment: a TRX suspension trainer, TRX rip trainer, weight plates, swiss ball, battle ropes, medicine ball, resistance bands, and more.


Q: Are there any special precautions I need to take for the Afterburn HIIT class?

A: All student participants of Afterburn must be deemed "medically clear" (by their primary care physician) to participate in vigorous physical activity as well as agree to a Declaration and Informed Consent and Liability Waiver and Photo Release when signing up for class. During class, students can expect "vigorous" physical activity for up to 30 minutes, "moderate" physical activity for up to 20 minutes, and "light" physical activity for up to 10 minutes.


Q: Do I need to bring anything special to the Afterburn HIIT class?

A: You'll need to bring water, a towel, and a mat to class, but above all else, Afterburn requires a special attitude. In order for you to derive the best possible benefit from the class, you will have to give your best, individual effort. We look forward to seeing you!