Physical Examination

Please be aware – a complete a physical exam within the past 12 months with your primary physician is a requirement prior to the start of personal training, virtual training, and/or interval training. Furthermore, answers given on questionnaires and/or objective medical findings during the initial assessment may necessitate the completion of a medical release form.

Refund Policy 

It is the prospective client’s or student’s responsibility to be familiar with this refund policy. By purchasing any of our services, you indicate that you have read this policy and that you agree with and fully accept its terms. If you do not agree with or fully accept them, we ask that you do not purchase our services until you feel such a time comes.

ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED FOR PAYMENTS EXECUTED IN THE COURSE OF A STANDARD AGREEMENT. Any questions with respect to our in-person personal training, virtual training, small group instruction, and/or interval training classes should be voiced prior to purchase.

In rare instances and only within 7 days of purchase, if due to technical difficulties or platform incompatibilities the software for our virtual training program will not function, we will issue a refund.